Don't let life pass you by without experiencing how good it feels to be truly healthy!


That's better

Work with an expert to learn about your body and how you can take control of health issues and improve your wellbeing through sustainable diet and lifestyle choices. 

Good digestion
Reduced food intolerances
Brighter skin
Healthy hormones 
Better mood
Deeper sleep
Improve energy and vitality

Elspeth also works with individuals who are looking for guidance on how nutrition can assist the management of specific diagnosed conditions.

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Find your edge

Bespoke nutrition programmes to help you achieve peak performance.

Fueling the body
Nutrient timing
Clinical testing
Body composition tracking
Practical advice
Injury prevention 
Over-training and burnout

 Its not just about carbs, protein and calorie intake - take a whole-body approach to optimal health and performance.

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Get your mojo back

If you feel like your ability to deal with stress has reduced or your stamina and resilience isn't what it used to be, then this programme is for you.  Diet and lifestyle are key to maintaining a healthy stress response, yet when we are busy these things are often first to suffer. It doesn't have to be that way.

Stress-busting toolkit
Nutritional support
Stress hormone testing
Change facilitation
Improve sleep
Better moods

Learn what you can do to support your body in order to bring your stress levels down. 

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