Symple - Symptom logging application

When feeling run down, it can sometimes be hard to tell if certain things are making us feel worse or better.  

The Symple app was created by a woman who was trying to get her health under control.  She knew that her lifestyle choices - foods, exercise, stress, etc were playing a role in how she was feeling but she was finding it hard to analyse this information objectively.  And so the Symple idea was born.

  • Set symtoms and triggers which are relevant to you.
  • Receive reminders to update as often as required.
  • View the information in graphs covering a period of time showing the impact certain triggers have on your sense of wellbeing.
  • Share information easily with your healthcare team.


Best of all, the app is easy to configure and simple to use.  For more information, go to Symple App or search for it in your app store.