Healthy snacks

Replacing our favourite snacks with healthier options can seem a little daunting at first but quite quickly, your taste buds will adjust to less sugar and salt and you'll discover new combination that you like just as much.  Not only because they taste good but they are guilt free while also nourishing.

You can't assume that the foods found in a health food store a healthy - organic foods can still contain too much sugar or salt.   Start taking a look at labels and considering sugar content.  

5g of sugar = 1 tsp 

Natural sweeteners such as xylitol, erythritol, stevia, thaumatin are not bad for health but unnatural sweeteners such as asparame or sucralose are best avoided.

Below you will find some healthy snack alternatives.

  • whole fruit, raw veggies, fresh organic vegetable juices

  • vegetables with houmous or other dips and spreads

  • rice cakes with almond or cashew butter and/or apple butter

  • apple or pear slices with nut butter

  • celery sticks stuffed with nut butter or soy / dairy cream cheese

  • Oat cakes with cottage cheese, houmous or nut butter

  • sesame rye Ryvita® crackers with small amount all-fruit jam or nut butter

  • whole grain muffins made with nuts, fruit (wheat-free and dairy-free mixes are available for purchase in the health food store)

  • home made protein balls

  • slice of frittata

  • raw, unsalted nuts or seeds

  • rice crackers, wasabi peas, kale chips

  • bowl of soup

  • make extra lunch/dinner to have the next day for snacks

  • popcorn, plain or with a little sea salt 

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