Laboratory Testing Overview

Depending on the nature of your symptoms it may be helpful to carry out laboratory tests.   The laboratories I work with offer a broad range of diagnostic services for environmental and functional medicine. These include Biolab, The Doctors Laboratory, The London Clinic, Genova Diagnostics and Invivo Clinical.

Some are in the form of test kits which you carry out in the privacy of your own home and then return by Next Day post to the laboratory for processing. Others may require that you visit a laboratory for samples to be taken. 

Tests an be useful to get empirical data to help you to understand your health better.  Although the initial cost of some tests may be high, test results enable a programme which is targeted and specific to your needs – this may help your goals to be reached more quickly.


When a ‘positive’ result is a good thing

The majority of functional tests are looking to identify issues which can either be resolved or supported.  For example, a nutrient deficiency or the presence of a harmful microbe in the digestive tract.  This means that a positive result is a good thing - a contributing factor to your health issue has been identified and your nutrition programme will be designed to correct or address these issues. 

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We've brought together information about the most common tests we carry out and hope that you find this a useful tool to help you understand more about individual tests, why test results are so useful and how a particular test may relate to your condition.