What is Nutritional Therapy?

The food we eat can have an incredibly powerful effect upon health. Nutrients in our food provide building blocks for many different tissues and biochemical processes in our body.  Getting  nutrition right can bring about significant changes to how we feel, look and behave.  

We are all unique, which means that there is no one ‘perfect diet’ that suits everybody. Individual requirements vary according to a number of factors including age, gender, health history, immune status, lifestyle and genetics.

Everyone can benefit from good nutrition - whether you are looking for a natural solution to manage an existing condition, wanting to reduce the risk of developing an illness or have your sights set on optimum health.

The Functional Model

Elspeth Stewart has a BSc in Nutritional Therapy and has undertaken post-graduate training with the Institute for Functional Medicine. She uses the Functional Model to assess health, which means taking a holistic approach - looking at the interplay between different systems in the body, health history, genetic predispositions, environmental inputs and physiological processes and where possible, test results. Elspeth's goal is to identify and address underlying causes of health problems, instead of simply focusing on suppressing symptoms.

Patient-centred healthcare - your story is important

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Elspeth will spend time asking questions to get a clear understanding of your health history, goals and priorities. Clinical tests may be helpful to determine whether any nutritional deficiencies or biochemical imbalances exist. Understanding the sequence of events which lead to health issues can provide helpful insights into how best to support the body towards restoring health.

Recommendations will include dietary and lifestyle changes designed with your health goals and current circumstances in mind. 

Working with your healthcare team

Nutritional Therapy can be undertaken alongside conventional treatments from your doctor or alternative therapies.  Elspeth will liaise with your GP where appropriate.


Eat your way to good health

Nutritional therapy is not about restricting large numbers of foods or recommending ‘fad’ diets. We focus on providing practical advice and ongoing support to help you make long-term dietary changes in order to promote health, achieve ideal weight and experience more energy and vitality.

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