Working hard?  Would you like to see better results?

Getting your nutrition right can play a major role in helping you to achieve your goals - whether that be seeing better results from your gym work out, improving your game or achieving optiimal performance in a competitive sport.  There is a lot of information online and in magazines but does everything you read apply to you, your sport and your specific health needs? Elspeth Stewart enjoys working with professional athletes, gym buffs and weekend warriors to create bespoke programmes to help them achieve peak performance.

With a BSc in Nutritional Therapy and post-graduate training, ‘The Competitive Athlete’ under her belt, Elspeth combines the best of traditional sports nutrition with the latest research and ‘functional medicine’ approach to create a programme which supports your athletic pursuits and your overall health.

Functional Sports Nutrition is the future, as many of today’s top athletes are starting to see – how can you perform at your best with underlying issues such as digestive distress, food allergies or nutritional imbalance?  Its not just about carbs, protein and calorie intake, its about taking a whole-body approach to optimal health and performance.

• Fueling the body – find out your specific calorie requirements, what foods should be a part of your day-to-day diet in order to promote strength, immune health, endurance and avoid burn-out.

• Nutrient timing – proteins/fats/carbs and hydration - push your body that little bit further during your work out by knowing what to eat and when.  Promote the adaptive response during the recovery phase for increased tone, strength and endurance.


• Supplements – the sports supplements market is huge. However, many of the big brands are more concerned with market share than the quality of their product. Find out which supplements have solid research to back them up, which ones are right for you and your goals and which brands contain good quality ingredients at the correct levels and are free from fillers and artificial chemicals. 

• Body composition tracking – With a research/medical grade Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis device, find out your body fat, muscle mass, phase angle and hydration status. Create a profile over time and track your progress.

• Practical solutions - tips and recipes to make sports drinks, protein snacks and meals that fit your lifestyle, goals and health.  Elspeth provides realistic programmes and suggestions to help you turn the 'should' into 'can'.

• Injury prevention and management – appropriate nutrition can both reduce the risk of injury and speed up post-injury recovery time. Nutritional support alongside physio and massage creates a complete injury recovery package.

• Over-training and stress – burn-out, adrenal dysfunction, the impact of cortisol on performance goals, immune modulators and how to get your edge back.


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