I am rather enjoying trying to take somewhat better care of myself and having high quality information is really helpful.
— Tom Lawyer, 36
I suffered from lack of energy, migraines and a bloated stomach for many years. It was very frustrating to feel ill all the time despite having a healthy diet, it was making me very depressed. I don’t know why it had never occurred to me to see a nutritionist before and one day being on my last tether I vented my frustrations at Brian Bamberger (chiropractor), who suggested I speak to Elspeth as she had come highly recommended, and I’m so glad that I followed his advice.

Elspeth is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. She’s patient and explains everything very clearly and since I’ve followed her advice I have been feeling much better and my health has improved a lot. I have tons more energy and I feel like myself again. I can’t thank Elspeth enough, who listened to my complaints without judgement, and was very positive throughout the process.

I’m now looking forward to recovering from my digestive health issues and feeling 100% again. I never hesitate to recommend Elspeth to anyone who is experiencing the same digestive issues.
— Sarah, Islington
I can’t really express how life changing the experience was given that I’d been ‘suffering’ a condition for 17 years and never understood how food and the body worked, the nutritional advice and support was invaluable. I would recommend nutritional therapy and your services to anyone whether they have an ailment/condition or not! I became so accustomed to the traditional guidance from doctors and never in my life understood or began to fathom the importance of food/nutrition in healing one’s self. I will forever take what I’ve learnt, changed about my life to have a better relationship with food and my body.
— M ,East London
I thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefited from my series of consultations with Elspeth. It was good to have the opportunity to talk through concerns that I had had for some time, and to gain some very useful advice. She is very thorough and always listened carefully, taking a great deal of information into account before giving an assessment. I would wholeheartedly recommend.
— Charlotte
The feedback from the event was very positive. Thank you again for your time in delivering the session - it was a great success from our perspective.
— Angus Warren, Head of Corporate Services, Nomura International PLC
Well hooray - today was my last official weigh in and I’m delighted that I have reached my target weight - I’ve lost a stone/6 kilos which is exactly what I was after! So I am now back to the weight I was a few months before I got married. Can’t tell you how pleased I am, I had really given up hope of being able to achieve this. (I’d decided that if this plan didn’t work I would have to resign myself to becoming a fatty forty-something!)

I am going to carry on following the principals of the plan now to make sure I keep the weight off - i know it works and it also keeps me feeling healthy. Thanks again - one very happy customer!
— Silvia 42 yo, SW13
I loved coming to my In2shape sessions. I felt like I had a lot of support. I now understand what I can and can’t eat - and why. It has helped my anxiety and now I get a good nights sleep. (lost 5.6kg)
— Catherine Thorogood, 27
After losing two stone I was at a loss as to what a normal healthy person should eat. A nice problem to have, some might say, but the stress was immense in attempting to keep the weight off, find the right balance and not drive myself mad counting calories! Elspeth’s measured and supportive consultations gave me the tools I needed to cope and enjoy life again.
— J, London
Just to say a huge thank you for tonight’s training, already had calls from three of our staff saying they are going to change how they eat...so that’s a success!
— Sue Redmond, West London - Trustee Chairperson of Full of life KC